1. To use the facility only as assigned.
  2. All entrances, exits & doorways must be kept clear at all times.
  3. Smoking is NOT permitted in the facility.
  4. All alcohol consumed on Prairieland Park property must be provided by Prairieland Park and served in accordance with SLC regulations. Non-compliance will result in removal from the property and appropriate charges applied.
  5. All food & beverage services are to be provided by Prairieland Park.
  6. All show participants must label each stall with contact information for after-hour emergencies.
  7. Prairieland Park will be reimbursed in full for any/all damages of property caused either directly or indirectly by individuals permitted by the user to participate in the use of the facility.
  8. Use of motorized carts, scooters, gators, etc. indoors is strictly prohibited unless authorized by Prairieland Park Management or for medical reasons.
  9. Prairieland Park Management reserves the right to take all precautions and reasonable steps necessary to ensure the safety of the public, exhibitors, and animals.
  10. All Prairieland Park equipment must be operated by Prairieland Park employees unless authorized by Management.
  11. All parking regulations must be adhered to, non-compliance will result in vehicle being towed.
  12. All livestock trailers and large equipment must park in designated areas.
  13. The use of staples, nails tacks, etc. To attach articles to stalls is strictly prohibited.
  14. Prairieland Park reserves the right to assign barn space.