Steer sale auction at the Junior Ag Showcase in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Welcome, 4-H Supporters!

The 2024 Junior Ag Showcase returns to the Prairieland Ag Center, featuring Light Horse (July 3-4, 2024) and Livestock (July 5-8, 2024) show categories.

About the 2024 Steer Sale

The 4-H Steer Sale provides us with a great opportunity to show additional support to the industry – especially the youth and future beef producers in Saskatchewan. To demonstrate your support we invite you to consider purchasing a 4-H member’s steer.

Why Buy A Steer From A 4-H Member?

•    You will be stating your confidence in the safety of Canadian beef products.

•    You will be helping generate income to help carry on 4-H programs into the future.

•    You will maintain an excellent profile with parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends of the 4-H members, who are all consumers of goods and services in Saskatchewan.